Ten Dollar Dreamers, founded from a simple idea to assist individuals, businesses and local causes who may be struggling using the age old formula of “many hands make light work”. TDD now boasts a massive network of like minded people all willing to take on its mission, TDD donates 100% of its members pledges to very worthy recipients every single month of the year.

Our Story

I struggle with the idea of donating and not seeing my money make it to the intended recipient. with TDD, 100% of the money is donated and full disclosure of amounts deposited and withdrawn from the bank can be seen by every member. The group decides a new recipient every month by submitting their suggestions and each suggestion is added to a poll for group voting. It is not essential to donate every month, only when you can afford too but setting up an automatic transfer for $10 every month is the easiest way so you don’t forget.. We invite as many people with the same desire as we can and repeat every month…SIMPLE 😎😂Thanks so much for getting on board, feel free to scroll through our Facebook page and photo albums to see the lives we have touched already.



Join the Dreamers

Your chance to make a difference. It’s so easy and costs less than one cup of coffee a week. Joining TDD is a great way to give people a well deserved leg up, also by joining TDD you will secure your free membership and give yourself the power to unlock great discounts with local business for free. Just another way TDD is helping to boost local economies.

Suggest a Recipient

Heard of someone or something in your area or close to your heart that you would love to assist? Well you can as a TDD member!!! You get to choose where the money goes and see with your own eyes the impact people getting together can make.

Let’s build something together.

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